Benefits of the CM Marketplace extension for Magento

Benefits of the CM Marketplace extension for Magento

CreativeMinds is happy to announce the release of the new CM marketplace extension for Magento, which allows multiple suppliers to operate on the same website, creating a large scale Ecommerce platform.

Following a quick installation of the CM marketplace extension, Magento site admins will be able to add an unlimited amount of supplier accounts onto their site, making it possible for suppliers to upload, manage and sell their products online.

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Advanced vendor and Dropshipping options

The CM Marketplace extension for Magento also supports vendors and multi vendors activity, whereby users can create a chain of supply by selling products online, and having them shipped directly to the buyer from a third party vendor, without having the need for inventory storage. This is extremely useful in cases of dropshipping , where suppliers seek to lower the price of products by selling them in large quantities to wholesale and retail clients.

Independent pricing for shipping

One clear benefit of the CM Marketplace extension for Magento is the ability of suppliers to track and control the shipping of their products. If this option is enabled by the site Admin, sellers will be able to define their shipping prices according to size, weight, amount of products purchased from them and other parameters which make it easier for them to ensure that their sales are indeed profitable for them. In addition they will be able to access thorough statistic reports on what sales best, who’s buying what etc.
Once a purchase is made, notifications are sent to the sellers and vendors, which in turn are responsible for shipping the products.
Edit, preview and view sales statistics for a supplier's group of eCommerce products in your Magento store.

Store admins using the CM marketplace enjoy complete control over what goes on on their E-commerce site. They can:

  • Choose whether to approve or dismiss a seller from managing an account on their site, or block certain products from appearing on their site.
  • Define permanent features that apply to all seller accounts, or enable each seller to customize their features independently.
  • Decide what queries they want to display for each seller or buyer activity.
  • Divide sellers into groups according to their products.
  • Get profound statistic repots on all buyer and seller activity throughout their site, allowing them to manage their MarketPlace successfully.

The CM Marketplace extension for Magento by CreativeMinds offers great benefits for site admins seeking to start a multi vendor Marketplace online, as well as for vendors who wish to sell their products on a large scale eCommerce platform.

Some of the benefits for site admins include:

  • The ability to approve or dismiss vendors from selling products on their Marketplace
  • Products uploaded by vendors are pending by default, therefore all products must be approved by the site admin before they can be published onsite.
  • Complete control over the options available to both vendors and customers
  • Complete control over the way products are displayed onsite
  • Ability to divide vendors and products into shop categories
  • All dropshipping is managed solely by the vendors and is under their own responsibility
  • Regular reports and statistics on orders made onsite
  • Ability to limit and track all eCommerce activity
  • Exclusive access to the admin control panel

Admins can review and moderate supplier products

Benefits for vendors selling their products using the CM Marketplace extension:

  • The ability to edit, preview, activate and deactivate products from the front end, without having to log into the admin panel
  • Complete control over shipping prices, ensuring that sales are profitable for both vendors and customers
  • Ability to create a chain of supply for the purpose of dropshipping
  • Ability to track and control shipments via the vendor interface
  • Built in Newsletter registration option for potential and existing customers