The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Video Courses

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Video Courses

Having online video courses on your WordPress site is a wonderful way to drive traffic and improve your business success. There are many benefits to having video courses on your WordPress site, despite the growing number of video lessons options available in today’s market.

Video lessons and video courses are a great way to add e-learning content and engage users in a helpful knowledgebase of information.

In the digital age, as content moves online, people are able to access information almost instantly and this also applies to the e-learning market. Information from online video courses can be obtained from a few clicks of a button or a short Google search.

The video e-learning market is one of the most profitable industries across the globe, and it only increases exponentially from year to year.

Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses - The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Video Courses

This is why MOOCs (massive open online courses) have grown popular in recent years. However, due to the massive content boom and the few sites that have emerged as trusted e-learning leaders, there are some downsides.

Websites like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity and others are high-quality choices for online video courses, but they are also a cookie cutter format which is ideal for large businesses, but not necessarily smaller businesses.

Another downside to popular video course options is the number of videos available to users for the purpose of e-learning. While Udemy is well respected and top-rated, it actually has the smallest amount of videos available to users, compared to other e-learning websites. The solution to this is of course, to create your own video courses to fit your content.

The Video Lessons Manager Plugin

The Video Lessons Manager Plugin - The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Video Courses

The Video Lessons Manager Plugin is an ideal plugin for anyone who wants to create their own video courses for WordPress. This plugin creates an online learning management system to easily organize video courses, tutorials and all types of online learning.

The plugin also allows for pay-per-view setups for individual courses or videos. Users can upload videos, allows user comments, view the progress of each video and mark your favorite videos as well. We also have a helpful EDD Payment Add-On, to easily add a payment gateway to integrate with the plugin.

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This post is very informative on how to create a successful video course in WordPress in a simple way. It’s also an excellent example of specific online video courses, aimed to teach users to set up helpful online courses.

The post covers everything from planning the curriculum, determining pricing, setting up a student dashboard, how to track video progress and much more.

How to Sell and Track Your Video Courses Online

Video Courses - The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Video Courses

Once you choose to create video courses in WordPress, it’s important to know how to market the content to users. This post includes helpful information and goes in-depth about pricing options, setting up the student dashboard, and restricting content to logged in users only. It’s an excellent checklist for things to get done and set up before launching your online video courses.


There are many benefits to creating your own video courses in WordPress. By creating your own courses, you can fully customize them to fit your business needs and goals without fitting into an overused template.

Our plugin walks you through all the aspects of the courses from planning to pricing to statistical reporting. This plugin is ideal for anyone who wants to create and control how content is used and viewed on their WordPress site.

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