How to Aggregate and Display Tweets in WordPress [New Plugin]

How to Aggregate and Display Tweets in WordPress [New Plugin]

Tweets have the potential to share influential content and drive conversations. According to Statista, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users and this number will likely continue to rise.

While no social media platform has been able to surpass the popularity of Facebook, Twitter is nonetheless a powerhouse in the social media world, coming in a close second behind Instagram.

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Twitter makes it easy for users to see what is going on in real-time. It’s a favored method of quickly disseminating information and connecting with others. Hashtags allow users to conveniently find relevant content.

So how do we combine Twitter with WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS) on the market? It’s easy with an aggregated Twitter feed.

Why Aggregate Twitter Feeds in WordPress?

Content aggregation - Creative Minds Blog

The concept of content aggregation, such as with Twitter feeds, is simple. Content aggregation tools automatically pull content with specific keywords or topics from many different sources and displays them in one place.

These are some of the benefits of displaying an aggregated Twitter feed:

  • Real-time updates for your audience
  • Associate your website with influencers in the field
  • Attract a new audience with content outside your norm
  • Content marketing at a low cost
  • Little time investment

An aggregated feed can become the place for your target audience to find authority content and real-time news updates from a variety of sources.

Now that we know why aggregated Twitter feed content is useful, let’s discuss how to add this feature to your WordPress website with a new, one-of-a-kind plugin.

Curated Twitter Aggregator WordPress Plugin

If you’re interested in adding an aggregated Twitter feed to your WordPress website, there’s one plugin that makes doing this easy and frustration-free: the Curated Twitter Aggregator plugin by CreativeMinds.

The CM Curated Twitter Aggregator plugin can be used to pull tweets from different Twitter accounts and display them as a curated feed on your WordPress website. Admin can create multiple curated lists with specific topics.

With this plugin, admin can specify how often the list is refreshed. It’s easy to display lists on different pages or posts using simple shortcodes. These are just some of the wonderful features of this plugin.

5 Tips for Creating an Aggregated Twitter Feed in WordPress

5 Tips for Creating an Aggregated Twitter Feed in WordPress - Creative Minds Blog

With the Curated Twitter Aggregator plugin, you can create a beautiful, easy to use Twitter feed for your site visitors. Follow these tips when using the aggregator plugin to creating a stunning curated feed.

1. Allow Visitors to Search Tweet Content

Searching is a quick and convenient way to find specific content. Giving visitors the option to search for keywords increases engagement.

The CM Twitter aggregator plugin comes with the option to enable a live-search bar. Search results are highlighted for easy viewing.

Aggregated twitter feeds - List view with filter

Aggregated twitter feeds – List view with search

2. Allow Visitors to Filter Tweet Sources

In addition to searching tweets for specific keywords, website visitors can also filter the curated feed to view only content from a certain source or with a particular hashtag. This makes it quick and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Showing only tweets with #WordPress

Showing only tweets with #WordPress

This function works by adding categories to the feed. Each added category has a different source or corresponding hashtag that is used for filtering. Each category also has keywords that must be matched for a Tweet item to be added to the category. This ensures only the content you want is aggregated and accurately corresponds with each category.

Aggregated twitter feeds categories managment

Aggregated twitter feeds categories managment

3. Add a Single-Category Widget

Admin also have the ability to add a custom sidebar widget that displays a single feed category.

With a sidebar widget, admin can highlight tweets from a certain source or hashtag. The sidebar can show up on every page and show the latest content updates on a subject.

While displaying the widget admin can let user scroll the tweets found and leave the size of the widget relatively small

4. Tag & Organize Tweets

The CM Aggregated Twitter feed plugin makes it  easy to add customized tags to organize tweets. These tags allow site visitors to easily pick out certain tweets.

A tag can be added automatically based on one or more keywords found in the tweet content

For example, admin can add a “NEW” tag to new content and specify how new tweets must be to receive this tag. This way, readers can easily see what content has been recently added to the list.

Aggregated twitter feeds - managing tags

Aggregated twitter feeds – managing tags

5. Customize Twitter Feed Appearance

Another important feature of an aggregated Twitter feed is the ability to customize the appearance to match your needs.

Here are some ways the appearance of a curated Twitter feed can be customized:

  • Change background color
  • Change text color
  • Add tweet link hover color
  • Specify image sizes
  • Display last feed update time
  • Display number of tweets in list
  • Show thumbnail
  • Show images
  • Add emojis

At a basic level, admin can customize the colors of the feed to match website branding. They can customize additional visual elements to their liking. In addition, the plugin works with any theme.

Aggregated twitter feeds - appearance settings

Aggregated twitter feeds – appearance settings

The Take Away

With the CM Curated Twitter Aggregator plugin, WordPress users can create a stunning curated feed and display it on any page or post with shortcodes.

Multiple customization options let admin create the perfect curated list that drives website traffic with little time investment.

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