Track Every Action on Your Ecommerce with Admin Logger for Magento 2

Track Every Action on Your Ecommerce with Admin Logger for Magento 2

Ecommerces are complex operations that demand a lot of work and a diverse set of skills. Managing a big team is essential to overcome this challenge, but a high number brings some burdens to the table. For one, it makes tracking errors and performance especially hard.

The Admin Logger for Magento 2 is a powerful tool that addresses that by tracking all back-end actions performed by store administrators. It also creates rollback checkpoints for easy repairs.

The Admin Logger for Magento 2

This history log is fundamental to avoid the constant surge of “who did this” or “why did this change” that disrupt the business daily operation.

The logs can be kept for as long as needed, and the manager can set an expiration date. It’s possible to delete each log individually or in bulk.

The manager has access to a general grid to track every admin. The reports include detailed information on pages visited, actions performed, values entered, and more – for each admin. This smart record is complete and can be searched by date, action, value, user, IP, browser and more.

Admin Log history general grid and advanced filtering

Admin Logger – History general grid and advanced filtering (Click to enlarge)

The Importance of an Admin Logger Extension

The precious information collected by the Admin Logger for Magento 2 can be used for many purposes, ranging from debugging to protection. That’s because suspect behavior such as connections from unknown IPs can be easily monitored with the tool.

And the efficient logging makes it useful both for understanding specific actions and for forming a macro view on the admin’s performance and efficiency.

For instance, it’s easy to find out how many times a certain admin created a product in the last month – it’s simply a matter of filtering the logs by Admin Name, action and period.

Lastly, it’s possible to create Rollback checkpoints with the Admin Logger for Magento 2. This allows the relevant actions to be rolled back with ease, without the need of restoring backups with extra information, saving the manager precious time.

More Screenshots From the Admin Logger for Magento 2

Admin action detailed view

Admin Logger – Admin action detailed view (Click to enlarge)

Manual Delete of logs result page

Admin Logger – Manually deleting logs on the result page (Click to enlarge)