7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

The ability to save payment information is becoming a necessity in today’s online world. Recurring customers love the option to save payment information for future transactions. This saves having to pull out a credit card and type in the information every time a purchase is made.

How can Magento stores integrate this feature without too much fuss? The answer is an Authorize.net CIM extension.

Authorize.net is a secure payment gateway for Magento. The Customer Information Manager (CIM) function provides tokenization of customer payment information. It stores this information on secure servers, simplifying PCI compliance. Instead of storing sensitive customer information on a local server, it’s stored on Authorize.net’s secure servers.

Magento Authorize.net CIM extensions combine the powerful features of the CIM service with the selling power of the Magento platform. It’s a fast and simple way to add the payment security and convenience of the Authorize.net CIM.

authorize-net-cim 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

Why use Authorize.Net CIM?

Here are some of the convenient features of Authorize. net CIM that are helpful for Magento stores:

  • Creates customer account profiles
  • Saves and stores credit card information from multiple cards
  • Customers can edit or delete saved credit card information
  • Secure payments and customer information storage

These features make shopping and paying for recurring customers quicker, helping to reduce the incidence of abandoned carts. Making the payment process easier can mean increased sales over time!

Top 7 Authorize.Net CIM Extensions for Magento

Here are the top 7 Authorize.Net CIM extensions available. To easily compare price and features, look for a comparison table at the end of this article!

1. Paradox Authorize.Net CIM Payment Module

paradox-authorize-net-cim 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

The Paradox Authorize.Net CIM Payment Module lets customers decide to save and manage credit card information entered on the frontend. Admin can require CVV verification, address verification, and hold order for review for orders paid for with saved card information.

In addition to saving card information, the Paradox Authorize.Net CIM Payment Module allows admin to partially invoice orders, issue refunds, and void card authorizations. paradox-payment-data 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

Price: $279

2. Authorize CIM IDP Payment Module

Customers can edit/save/remove cards in the account area without needing to make a purchase. This extension comes with ability to void payments or refund orders using the saved card information.

Price: $499

3. CM Authorize.net CIM Extension

CM Authorize.net CIM Extension is one of the best Authorize.net solutions. It lets customers save credit card information for convenience and edit account payment methods without access to the store’s backend.

authorize-net-payment-information 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

CM Authorize.net CIM extension use saved card or add new

When a customer makes their first purchase in an online store, they are prompted to enter card information and asked whether they’d like to save it. If they change credit cards or no longer want to have a card on file, customers can simply navigate to their account and complete the action.

Manage Cards in Customer Account

Manage Cards in Customer Account

In addition to saving card information, the CM Authorize.net CIM extension automatically re-authorizes saved card information for the extra amount after editing orders with the True Edit Order extension. Admin can choose with credit card types can be saved and whether card CVV verification is required.

Even better, it’s one of the more affordable Authorize.net CIM extensions available.

Price: $149

4. Magemart Authorize CIM Payment Module


Like the other Authorize.net CIM extensions, this one creates a secure customer payment profile where payment information is stored and can be edited by customers later.

With this extension, admin have the ability to select saved cards or add a new card when a customer calls to place an order. This can reduce admin call time.It also supports payment re-authorization with an added extension.

card_history_1 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

Magemart extension customer account

Price: $249

5. IWD Authorize.Net CIM

iwd-authorize-net-cim 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

Like the other extensions, the IWD Authorize.net CIM module supports the basic functions of the Authorize.net CIM. It also has a few more handy features.

With this extension, admin can create labels that specify whether a saved credit card is “active,” “expired,” or “not supported” by the online store. In addition to saving credit card information, customers can also save bank account information. It also comes with some advanced security options, such as to validate a credit card with a small transaction amount.

Price: $199

6. Magesales Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment

authorizecim-payment 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

Similar to some of the other extensions, admin can enter custom orders and choose saved credit card information for easy ordering. Admin and customers have the ability to manually edit saved credit card information.

Price: $149

7. Magedelight Authorize.Net CIM


With the Magedelight Authorize.net CIM extension, admin can add, edit, and delete credit cards from the backend. They can also place orders on behalf of a customer using saved card information. This extension also comes with the option to hold orders for review to check for fraud. Added features are the ability to void authorization, refund partial orders, and validate addresses.

screenshot-_35_ 7 Best Magento Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extensions

Magedelight select saved card

Price: $199

Decision Time

This extension list presents a lot of good options. As they all use the same Authorize.net CIM API, they all have the same basic functioning:

Customers can save credit card information and allow it to be stored securely on the Authorize.net servers rather than within the Magento platform. Customers have the option to go back and edit or add new payment methods in a customer account area.

Many of the extensions listed here offer the ability to do even more, including split invoices and automatically re-authorize payment methods for any added amount on the order.

Take the time to read extension reviews and look for a Magento extension company with a good reputation for customer service. That way, if you have any problems with the extension, you know someone will be there to help.

What is your favorite Authorize.net CIM extension?