5 Ways to Avoid Abandoned Carts On Your eCommerce Magento store

5 Ways to Avoid Abandoned Carts On Your eCommerce Magento store

If you’re managing an eCommerce store, I bet you’ve seen this scenario happening before:

A customer enters your store- it could be a Magento store or any other eCommerce store online- and starts looking around. They like your products and they start collecting them onto the shopping cart. They reach check out and come as far as giving away their email address, but when it comes to the final stage of making the actual payment, they suddenly get cold feet and leave your store.

If you saw this kind of thing happening on your sales reports, fear not! Here are 5 easy steps you can take to Minimize abandoned cart occurrences and increase your sales:

1. Use secure payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill, Google checkout and likewise payment systems which users are familiar with. If applicable, use Geo-location identification to automatically choose the payment method that best suits the user, as some payment systems are limited to only work in certain countries.

2. Make sure to let your users know that their credit card details are safe and will not be used for any other purpose. Ideally, you should insert recognizable site seals to add more trust as per the use and confidence in using the credit cards on your site.

3. Clarify to your users how shipment and delivery are going to take place and how long it should take. If you’re selling a digital product, let them know in advance of how you’re going to deliver it, in which format, and other details which are relevant to the specified product.

4. Include this information in your terms and conditions for future reference and as a reassurance mechanism.

5. If none of these work, and to be extra careful on the Abandoned carts front, make sure you have our CM Sales Recovery extension installed on your eCommerce store. This will come in handy if abandoned cart is detected, and will automatically send an email to the user containing their cart content with an optional coupon code to encourage purchase completion.