5 Outstanding Multi-Use Admin Toolbox and Management Plugins for WordPress

5 Outstanding Multi-Use Admin Toolbox and Management Plugins for WordPress

Managing a WordPress website isn’t always easy. Sometimes it feels like there are a million things to remember. Especially if you’re new to WordPress, managing a website can feel especially overwhelming.

If you’re trying to manage a WordPress site on your own or with a small team, you can make your job easier by installing an admin tools and management plugin.

These plugins have a variety of uses wrapped up in one simple plugin installation. They can make navigating the backend of WordPress easier, faster, secure, and more productive by

  • Improving WordPress performance,
  • Monitoring WordPress site health,
  • Improving the look of the dashboard,
  • Controlling access to the dashboard,
  • Adding metrics to understand the site,
  • Simplifying WordPress maintenance
  • and more!

By having multiple functions in one place, admin can save time and accomplish more. Many multi-use plugins also help improve WordPress security.

Instead of installing several different plugins to create an admin toolbox, why not try an all-in-one plugin?

This can reduce the number of plugins installed on your WordPress site so it does not become bogged down. A multi-use WP administrator plugin is also useful for developers wanting to help clients manage their new WordPress sites.

To help you decide on an all-in-one plugin, we compiled a list of the top 5 free and premium WordPress admin toolbox plugins.

Top WordPress Admin Tools Plugins

1 – Slash Admin


Slash Admin is all about creating a friendlier admin panel. It combines the ability to perform many functions WordPress admin need. This plugin addresses many aspects of a WordPress site, such as performance, development, notifications, shortcodes, administration, and more.

It allows admin to insert a Google Analytics tracking code, limit the number of post revisions saved, customize the WordPress login screen, enable maintenance mode, and hide specific features from non-admins, as well as a variety of other functions. In addition to helping with the backend of a site, it also comes with customization options for the frontend appearance.

Price: Free

2 – CM Admin Tools Pro

Last but not least is CM WordPress Admin Tools Pro. This plugin combines almost every feature from other toolbox plugins into one easy to install and manage plugin with top-notch support.

This plugin is a “swiss army knife for your WordPress site.” It helps admin maintain and improve WordPress system health, performance, functionality, and customization.

With WordPress Admin Tools Pro, admin can perform a wide variety of actions including:

  • Customize your admin dashboard look and feel
  • Limit post revisions or disable revisions completely
  • Empty trash and drafts with one click
  • Control auto-save functionality
  • Limit access to your admin dashboard
  • Customize the login screen
  • Review your website speed
  • Collect and show your error log
  • Control cron jobs running on your WordPress platform
  • Add functionality such as lazy load, move scripts to footer, rewrite rules and more
  • Control WordPress heartbeat
  • Control search functionality by defining what custom posts are included

With CM Admin Tools Pro, admin can have complete control over the WordPress dashboard and save precious time maintaining their website. It can enhance performance and help create the perfect website will all the necessary functions.

Price: $29

3 – WP Admin Tools


WP AdminTools is another multi-functional plugin that gives admin a variety of options for SEO, database cleanup, and more. Admin can control the autosave interval, select the number of trashed posts stored, and delete unwanted items in one-click.

In addition, there are several SEO features, including setting custom title tags, meta descriptions, and an SEO-friendly title for every page. If you’re looking to ramp up your site’s SEO, this plugin can help.

Price: Free

Note: This plugin has not been updated in a year. Outdated plugins may have vulnerabilities that can compromise the security of your site.

4 – Mojo Admin Toolbox


The Mojo Admin Toolbox was created to solve a collection of problems, including how to hide parts of the admin dashboard from clients.

This plugin helps protect your site from clients who could compromise the site by changing the theme or messing around with the dashboard widgets. This plugin gives several options to customize the WordPress admin dashboard. Change dashboard footer text, set a new custom default avatar, or customize the login page.


Price: Free

Note: This plugin has not been updated in a year. Outdated plugins may have vulnerabilities that can compromise the security of your site.

5 – ManageWP Worker


ManageWP Worker helps save time maintaining your WordPress site by automating your workflow. It uses one-click login, one-click updates and one-click management to update the website, clear spam, and manage comments.

It comes with performance and security checks, reporting, Google Analytics integration, uptime monitor, and code snippets to make working on your website easier.

Price: Free + Premium add-ons



As you can see, there are several options for admin who are looking for a way to integrate several basic functions in one plugin. While some allow for several appearance options, others combine appearance customization, performance monitoring, cleanup functions, and more.

Why piece together multiple plugins when you can have one that does it all? Plus, one plugin means only having to seek support from a single plugin developer instead of several.

Overall, an admin toolbox plugin can boost the maintenance and performance of your site or those of your clients.

Try one and see how much easier it makes managing your WordPress website!