5 Excellent Email Blacklist & Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

5 Excellent Email Blacklist & Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

There are millions of websites out there and just as many people using them, but there are also spammers. Email blacklist, site registration restrictions and comment spam WordPress Plugins are helpful tools to keep unwanted spammers out of your website. The following WordPress plugins and tools will ensure that these spammers won’t be able to register for your website or invite any unwanted users or viruses.

Spammers can be both humans and bots, who use all types of different methods to access websites. These methods include email confirmation, CAPTCHA protection, security questions and more. These methods increase your website’s security and another step would be adding domains to a blacklist. The following plugins will help users eliminate comment spam, spam registration domains, add whitelisted domains, and secure websites with CAPTCHA.

Excellent Email Blacklist & Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

CM Email Blacklist Plugin


The CM Email Blacklist Plugin is a great plugin that stops users from registering for your website via a blacklist and a whitelist. The plugin allows only whitelisted domain names and emails to be able to register for your website. The plugin will automatically check if a user registering is on the blacklist. This plugin uses SpamAssassin to keep track of blacklist names and also logs all failed registration attempts.


Email Registration Blacklist Blocked Domains List

Email Registration Blacklist Blocked Domains List

Email Registration Blacklist Approved Domains List

Email Registration Blacklist Approved Domains List




Akismet is a high quality anti-spam system that analyzes millions of websites for spammers so you don;t have to. The plugin helps blacklist comment spam and keeps all website data secure from spammers and viruses. Simply pick from a monthly or per website rate and get started keeping your information safe from spammers.

Akismet image

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam 


The WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam plugin is an all-in-one spam protection system for WordPress. The plugin focuses on eliminating comment spam, registration spam, trackback spam and contact form spam. This plugin works silently in the background, without captchas, challenge questions or other security measures.


Woo EDD Email Domain Blacklist


The Woo EDD Email Domain Blacklist Plugin aims to stop spam domains from accessing your Easy Digital Downloads or Woocommerce checkout page. This plugin also specifically blocks temporary email services from letting users access your checkout pages. Any temporary email domains will be blocked and blacklisted. The plugin is also fully customizable.


Ban Hammer

Ban Hammer - 5 Excellent Email Blacklist & Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins - Creative Minds Blog

Ban Hammer is a unique WordPress plugin which allows users to be banned from registering on your website and leaving comment spam. The plugin uses comment moderation to blacklist users from accessing your website. There is no record kept of blocked registrations.


These email blacklist and anti-spam plugins for WordPress will ensure that spammers will stay locked out of your site, even when using temporary email services. Some of these plugins record all failed log in attempts, while others attack comment or contact form spam. The key is to find the right email blacklist plugin for your business, but you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Blocking spammers from WordPress sites is easy to do with the right tools. All of these methods will ensure that spammers and temporary emails will not be able to get into your WordPress site. Users can use these plugins to prevent specific spammers from accessing a site, such as through comments or registration. Or users can ensure that spammers are blacklisted, registration is restricted, and more.

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