5 Best WordPress Page Builders You Should Consider

5 Best WordPress Page Builders You Should Consider

Do you want to easily build a WordPress site? Use a WordPress page builder. This can be achieved by using a page builder plugin to quickly drag and drop to create, edit, and customize the layout of a page without using any code. Some WordPress users encounter difficulties with customizing WordPress pages, but there are plugins for that.

WordPress page builders are great options for WordPress users, especially beginners, who want to avoid coding. These page builders allows users to simply drag and drop sections to fully customize each part of a WordPress site. These sections include things like content sliders, image galleries, adding multiple columns, etc.

1) Avia Builder

The Avia Builder bundled with Divi theme is a very popular drag and drop page builder for WordPress. This top rated page builder comes with over twenty ready to use layouts and templates with can be adapted for all types of websites. Users can easily drag and drop sections, have a high degree of design control and save page templates.

This page builder is a good choice because it is incredibly user-friendly and is highly customizable and visual. The price is affordable at $69 per year, and there is excellent support for any questions or topic. The Avia page builder is a good choice for beginners or anyone looking for a hassle free page builder.

2) Enfold

Enfold is a good choice for a page builder because there are so many options to choose from. One of the more versatile options available, Enfold is a responsive, multipurpose and super flexible page builder with many customizable features. This product is ideal for business or shop style websites for optimal success.

The page builder is incredibly mobile responsive, and lets users customize everything from font size to color to image height. This top rated page builder is a great choice for photographers to creatively showcase their work online. Enfold is a good option, with an affordable price of $59, with many customizable features and full support.

3) Goodlayers Page Builder

The Goodlayers page builder is a high quality option for WordPress users looking for a sleek, professional website. Users can easily drag and drop sections to create a well-crafted masterpiece with a few clicks of a button. This page builder easily improves SEO, and is geared towards more image-based businesses and content.

The Goodlayers page builder includes over fifty custom themes and provides in-depth customer support. It’s ideal for small businesses or niche markets, and includes simple drag and drop elements to build an elegant web page for as low cost as $39.

4) Themify Page Builder

The Themify Page Builder is a simple WordPress page builder that comes with several ready to use layouts. The page builder costs just $39, and includes both the ability to edit from the admin dashboard as well as live editing.

This builder helps users create any type of layout for their WordPress site, and easily drag and drop, copy/paste, import/export, duplicate sections and much more.

The Themify page builder is also really SEO friendly, fully adaptable for translation, and responsive. It’s a very versatile solution to page building and users can build everything from web pages to full websites. This page builder also includes a thorough tutorial walkthrough which is very helpful.

5) Page Builder by SiteOrigin

The best thing about the SiteOrigin page builder is that it is completely free. This page builder works with all standard WordPress themes, and has simple drag and drop features for quick layout and design. The page builder also includes several of its own widgets which can be easily downloaded to improve page features.

This page builder can be enabled for any post or page and is fully responsive. Unlike other page builder, SiteOrigin includes full version control and focuses on individual content blocks. This free page builder is just as excellent if not better than other paid page builders available on the market.


Using a WordPress page builder is a good idea to simply customize and build a WordPress site. Each of these page builders have their own strong points, so the key to choosing one will be which one is ideal for your business success. All of these page builders have excellent features, are affordable and easy to use.

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