5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools in 2018

5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools in 2018

Having search and replace tools on your WordPress site is an incredible time saver and a useful backend tool when changes need to be made. This kind of plugin easily replaces text on a website without making major changes and causing as little disruption as possible.

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1) On Demand Search and Replace Plugin

This plugin from CreativeMinds is a mass search and replace tool to change any page or post before it is displayed. The pro version is $29 for one website and $59 for five websites. The plugin includes a year of full support and updates as well as a helpful product user guide.

One of the unique features of this plugin is that you can clearly define search and replace rules while supporting sensitive case content. Text can be found and replaced on on posts or pages and through text and html with a helpful frontend control widget.

Search and Replace Plugin Admin Replace Rules Interface

Search and Replace Plugin Admin Replace Rules Interface

2) Search & Replace

Search & Replace is a nice little plugin from Inpsyde, which is available for free from WordPress.org and was recently updated. Both beginners with WordPress and more advanced users should choose this plugin as it’s an ideal choice. Users can create a simple database backup before publishing for easier search and replacement.

Some features of Search & Replace are that it includes multisite support, it’s fully localized and supports language translations. Users can also change the domain and url of the WordPress database. This plugins search and replace tools easily handles serialized data and can download SQL files or choose to dry run them.

3) Better Search Replace

Better Search Replace is and ideal choice for anyone who wants to swiftly move their WordPress site to a new server or domain, and have the database run smoothly. This plugin is available for free from WordPress.org and developed by Delicious Brains.

This plugin has no server requirements and includes multisite support. Languages like Spanish, English, French and German are supported as well. User can select specific tables which includes serialization support, or run a dry run to see which fields need to be updated.

4) Real-Time Find and Replace

Real-Time Find and Replace allows users to find and replace content in real time without disrupting the available themes or plugins on the website. While the plugin is available for free from WordPress.org, the pro version is available for $10.

Some of the features include quickly changing text on a page or the shopping cart, removing footer text without affecting the theme and selectively translate text quickly. Users can also improve their overall on page SEO with this plugin.

5) Search and Replace

Search and Replace is a simple yet effective plugin and a good choice for any beginners with WordPress. This open soruce software is available for free from WordPress.org, and recently updated. Users can search and replace the text of any page or post without hassles.

The plugin is basic and does not have many advanced settings, and is rather simple to install. Users can use a widget to enter the text that they want to search and replace to easily locate and change it, without messing with the frontend content or affecting other plugins and themes.


These search and replace tools are the top choices for anyone needing a search and replace plugin, as they have the best features and are the most affordable. The key to choosing the right one is comparing each plugin and seeing which one fits with your business.

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