Step Up WordPress' User Experience With These 6 Best Post Content Slider Plugins

Step Up WordPress’ User Experience With These 6 Best Post Content Slider Plugins

Posting content is one of the most important parts of your WordPress website, so it’s important that your content is displayed in the visually appealing way. WordPress pagination plugins are an excellent way to showcase content easily on your site.

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Having a post content slider plugin is ideal for publishing, news websites and blogs, as it makes content much more accessible. The key is finding a post content slider that works best for your WordPress website. This list includes plugins with unique and helpful features that are affordable with good support.

1) Post Content Slider Plugin

The Post Content Slider Plugin from CreativeMinds has the ability to change multiple page posts into an Ajax based slideshow on your WordPress site. This requires almost no setup and is very user friendly. The pro version is $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites, with a one year license and support with all updates.

Some features of this WordPress pagination plugin include supporting multiple content types like images and video, supporting any post type, and turning long articles into slides for easier access. Users can customize labels, loop slides, have the option to show all slides on one page and much more.

One highlight is the ability to add a slider header or footer with HTML content – the uses range from simple social sharing buttons to scripts.

WordPress Pagination Plugin In Action

There is a demo you can access to test it live here.

Now for a GIF:

And an image:

2) Soliloquy

Soliloquy is a post content slider plugin that is incredibly mobile responsive and user friendly. There is a helpful drag and drop builder as well as multiple templates and even a full screen lightbox. The personal version is $19, the multi version is $49, the developer version is $99, and the master version is $249, and all of these options include at least 1 year of support and updates.

Some of the features of this post content slider plugin are the ability to create multiple carousel or dynamic sliders, easily adding Pinterest and Instagram social sharing buttons to your pages, creating a PDF slider and much more.

3) Slider Pro

Slider Pro is a post content slider plugin from the Envato Market, and is one of the highest rated and most popular slider plugins on the market. The license is $29 with six months of support and extended support for an extra cost, as well as future updates and quality checks.

Slider Pro is a touch enabled responsive slider plugin that has helpful demos for its interactive user interface. Users can automatically load content like images and video and create various types of sliders. This plugin is top rated and includes helpful support options.

4) Woo Shop Slider

The Woo Shop Slider is an excellent choice for online stores looking to showcase products easier using sliders. It is available for $28, including 6 months of support, updates and quality checks. The plugin has 8 different slider templates which can be fully customized.

This plugin is ideal for ecommerce shops and the sliders generate a shortcode which always the slider to be placed anywhere on the post or page. There is a simple three step installation and users can choose to display products or categories.

5) Meta Slider

The Meta Slider plugin is a powerful slider tool with an interactive interface. It is a top rated WordPress slider plugin and is an excellent option for improving your SEO optimization. It’s $39 for up to 2 websites, $79 for up to 5 websites, $119 for up to 20 websites, $119 for up to 100 websites, and $289 for unlimited sites.

This plugin allows for unlimited slideshows, integration with YouTube and Vimeo, as well as smart image cropping and much more. One year of updates and support are included, and there is documentation including slide types, theme integrations and developer API.

Bonus: Responsive Slider

Another way to display content is via the tried-and-true image sliders. And that’s just the focus of the Responsive Slider WordPress plugin.

This slider plugin can display images in five ways: Simple Slider, Number Slider, Bullet Slider, Slideshow Slider and Thumbnail Slider.

Each slider can have its own width and height, transition time and vertical controls. It can also follow the default value for commodity. A demo is available to check all the styles.

The CreativeMinds plugin is available for $29 in a 2-license purchase.

Bullets Style example from the Responsive Slider plugin


In conclusion, having a post content slider plugin on your WordPress website is an excellent idea for making content more easily accessible. It’s a great choice for both large and small businesses, which want to showcase products for sale.

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