30 Magento Pros and Sites You Should Follow Now

30 Magento Pros and Sites You Should Follow Now

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform. It offers online merchants an easy to use shopping cart system, which allows them to control the content, style, and function of their online stores.

Magento provides robust SEO and marketing tools. It also helps users to manage their catalogs. Here’s a list of the best Magento sites to follow in 2020.

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Top Magento Resources To Follow

CreativeMinds Blog

Latest news and top quality tutorials on Magento and eCommerce, created by CreativeMinds specialists.

Access here CreativeMinds eCommerce Blog

Ben Marks

Marks is an excellent source of information on Magento and PHP.

Follow @benmarks.

Alex and Ani

Now one of the largest jewelry brands in the world, Alex & Ani, is one of the premier Magento websites.

Kimberley Thomas

A real Magento influencer, Thomas is one who knows all about the platform.

Follow @magentogirl

Magento Blog

This blog gives you the latest tips, news, and advice for maximizing your online store.

Access here Magento Blog

Alan Storm

Storm is an e-commerce professional with a wealth of experience. He is also a rich source of practical Magento tips and bug fixes.

Follow @VinaiKopp

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This blog contains Magento tutorials for all kinds of users.

Follow @Magenticians

Thomas Fleck

Fleck founded the Netresearch company and is now its CEO. He is well-known for his knowledge of several domains.

Follow @fendi911

Inchoo Blog

This blog keeps users up to date with e-commerce development. It also improves their design and consulting techniques.

Follow @inchoo

Land Rover

This heavy hitter in the automotive industry has added an online store. It sells merchandise and clothing.

Follow @LandRover

Kalen Jordan

Jordan is the founder of Mage-Mail, a Magento plugin. Mage-Mail is easy-to-setup, and it saves time and money. It helps business owners to keep in touch with their customers.

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Follow @kalen-jordan


This well-known brand has chosen Magento as the platform to showcase its watches.

Follow @timex

Hirokazu Nishi

Nishi is the CTO of Veriteworks in Japan. He has been part of the Magento community since 2007.

Follow @hirokazu_nishi

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty has rebranded its entire site with Magento 2 for both B2B and B2C platforms.

Follow @SigmaBeauty

Alessandro Ronchi

Ronchi is a Magento specialist. He does backend development, software design, and training at Bitbull.

Follow @aleron75

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Cultcha Kids

Cultcha Kids is an Australian store that sells children’s toys. It also sells novelty items and collectibles.

Follow @CultchaKids

Alexander Galstow

Galstow holds an international law degree. He directs Business Development at Atwix. He is an e-commerce specialist and a keen Magento supporter since 2012.

Follow @agalstow

Landofcoder Blog

Landofcoder helps online business owners to grow their e-commerce stores. They offer tutorials, articles, and marketing tips to boost small businesses.

Follow @landofcoder

Antonio Carboni

Carboni is an early adopter of Magento. Early on, he began work on the Italian translation of the platform. He is a frontend developer with ten years of experience.

Follow @antoniocarboni_

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Classy Llama

This e-commerce agency consists of efficiency-driven veterans. They have pledged to deliver more while doing less.

Follow @classyllama

Brent Peterson

Peterson is one of the original moderators of Magento’s Forums. Many consider him an expert in the Magento community.

Follow @brentwpeterson


DCKAP is a Magento Agency that specializes in creating thriving e-commerce storefronts.

Follow @DCKAP

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Carmen Bremen

Magento has been Bremen’s passion since 2010. She is a Magento Certified Developer. She also helps to organize the MageUconference and the Magento Köln Meetup.

Follow @neoshops

Paul Rogers Blog

This blog provides professional, enterprise-level Magento consulting, and other services. An experienced e-commerce professional and certified engineers deliver these services.

Danny Verkade

This CEO and founder of Cream has over 15 years’ experience in Magento. He’s a grandmaster of the platform.

Follow @dverkade

Magenest Ecommerce Blog

This company offers expert e-commerce solutions by WooCommerce and Magento.

Follow @magenestjsc


Rubie’s is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of costumes.

Follow @RubiesCostumeCo

James Lee

Lee has been sharing his knowledge with the Magento community since 2008. He’s the President of a high-performance Magento hosting provider, Aspiration.

Follow @jhc

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Magento Pros Conclusion

There are two huge reasons why Magento is excellent. Many businesspeople use it, and thus it has broad support. Also, it’s an open-source platform. One can view it as the “WordPress” of e-commerce platforms.

The platform is user-friendly and intuitive. Both registered users and guests can use it, and it provides many payment options. Magento has many other advantages. These features make it the ideal platform for website development.