3 Best Plugins to Send Emails From Your WordPress Site

3 Best Plugins to Send Emails From Your WordPress Site

Emails are the preferred method of transferring information online, and it makes sense that email would also be an essential part of communicating in WordPress. SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a simple communication protocol that allows the transferring of emails over the Internet. Having the SMTP gateway helps prevent WordPress emails from being blocked.

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Having a reliable SMTP plugin is a good idea for your WordPress site. These plugins allow admin to choose which SMTP service and bypass the normal WordPress email function. While this plugin can seem very technical, it is ideal for all types of WordPress users.

1) Mail SMTP Gateway Plugin

The Mail SMTP Gateway Plugin is an easy solution for configuring your email gateway in WordPress. This plugin supports both SMTP integration and external SMTP mailer integration. You can create several SMTP gateway profiles, choose the active one, and switch between them.

This plugin has many helpful features, including SSL/TSL encryption, bypassing default PHP mail function in WordPress, using proper authentication, supports multiple SMTP profiles and much more. The plugin also allows users to test the diagnostics between WordPress and the SMTP server.

2) WP Email SMTP Plugin

The WP Email SMTP plugin is free and user friendly. Users can easily connect to SMTP services such as Amazon SES, MailGun, MailGet, SendGrid, MailJet and more. Several default SMTP settings are included, both secure and unencrypted.

The plugin is highly rated and features helpful screenshts and support for users. Some of the most popular included settings are from email, from name, mailer, return path, host, port, authentication, encryption, userbame and password.

3) Easy WP SMTP Plugin

The Easy WP SMTP plugin is designed to prevent WordPress emails from ending up as junk or spam. Developed by WP eCommerce, this plugin is available for free, is highly rated and updated frequently. Users can also use Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail’s SMTP server if users already have open accounts with those email services.

Easy installation and setup is a key feature in this SMTP plugin, and there is also quick support and very detailed documentation available. The plugin allows users to test the settings for outgoing emails from WordPress easily, as well as hlepful debugging settings.


Having an SMTP plugin on your WordPress site is a good idea, and there are many good options available. The chocies on this list include the most versatile features, easiest setups, and most afforable plugins. The chart below includes a helpful comparison of simialr features between all the plugins mentioned.