10 WordPress Plugins for eLearning in 2019

10 WordPress Plugins for eLearning in 2019

In the digital age, eLearning is becoming the go to way to learn, as completing everything online saves time, money and there is access to a potentially unlimited amount of information. Elearning plugins for WordPress have also evolved, with new methods and tools becoming available all the time.

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Having a learning management system, or LMS, is an excellent way to promote and teach online courses to spread your knowledge around so everyone can access it. The plugins in this list are also incredibly customizable and have versatile features for the best experience with WordPress.

1) CM Video Lessons Manager

The CM Video Lessons Manager is the ideal WordPress eLearning plugin, designed to create and sell online courses easily and efficiently. The pro version is $39 for 1 website and $79 for five websites, and add-on packages are available. This plugin easily builds a video based learning management system on your website.

Some of the best features of this plugin include uploading video content in an organized way and providing detailed progress reports for students in a simple dashboard. There is also the option to integrate with Wistia and Vimeo for quick upload and download content streaming.

2) Tooltip Glossary

Tooltip Glossary is a top rated plugin from CreativeMinds that allows for the creation of an online glossary of terms, dictionary, or encyclopedia with convenient popup tooltip boxes. Users can fully customize the look and feel of the tooltip plugin, choose from helpful index templates and easily search terms.

The pro version is $29 for 1 website and $59 for 5 websites, including one year license and support, like videos and detailed documentation. Users can create multiple glossaries as well as blacklist search terms and it’s incredibly SEO friendly.

3) CM Answers

The CM Answers plugin creates a question and answer forum on your WordPress site to users can easily answer questions or find answers. Users can also upload documents, images, video files and more, as well as leave comments, and vote for the best answers available from leading experts.

All of the questions and answers can be moderated, and there is a built-in dashboard to track statistics, send user notifications and fully customize the dashboard. The pro version is $39 for 1 website and $69 for five websites and there are 7 additional and helpful add-ons that can be integrated with the plugin.

4) LearnPress

LearnPress is a fully comprehensive learning management system designed for WordPress and available for free. Users can easily create and manage online courses as well as create quizzes and lesson plans. This plugin is ideal for online schools and education systems with no coding knowledge required.

LearnPress is compatible with all themes and includes a plethora of helpful add-ons to make the eLearning experience smoother and more user friendly. Admin can easily sell courses with LearnPress and several payment methods are supported like PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe and more.

5) LearnDash

LearnDash is a high quality learning management system for WordPress, which is more tailored for major education centers and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Admin can create and sell courses, offer achievement awards, user engagement triggers, and set schedules to deliver content in a timely manner.

LearnDash has helpful features like enrollment control to set course prices, make courses private or members only, create user groups and moderate learner progress overall. The basic version is $159 for 1 website and $189 for up to 10 websites, while the pro version is $329 for 25 websites.

6) CoursePress

CoursePress is a powerful learning management system from WPMU DEV, that lets users easily share text files, images, video and courses. There are 13 built-in payment gateway options, with a variety of free and paid courses available. This plugin includes its own theme and a variety of helpful shortcodes with bold style options and widgets.

CoursePress is available for a free 30 day trial for all users, and it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and MarketPress. Some unique features include automatic grading and assessments, as well as allowing students to simply track their own progress.

7) TeachPress

TeachPress is a unique plugin that combines a learning management system with a publication management system. TeachPress creates documents for documents, assessments, and enrollments. Available for free from WordPress.org, this recently updated plugin supports CSV/XLS exports for course lists and an abundance of shortcodes.

TeachPress also supports multiple languages and is a top rated plugin for eLearning. An RSS feed for publications is integrated into the plugin as well as the ability to import and export information with just a few clicks of a button.

8) CM Download Manager

The CM Download Manager plugin from CreativeMinds is a high quality file management system for WordPress, which is ideal for organizing online course content. Users can securely upload various file types like documents or videos, as well as see the file download views, download counter and download ratings for each file.

CM Download Manager is available for $39 for 1 website and $69 for up to 5 websites, including a 1 year license with full support and documentation. Users can protect files with passwords, or pay for files using the virtual wallet options.

9) LifterLMS

LifterLMS exists to create a democratic learning environment in an interactive online classroom. This plugin is recently updated and available for free from WordPress.org. This learning management system combines community, courses and coaching to foster an environment of interactive engagement with students across the world.

LifterLMS integrates easily with third-party systems like PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, WooCommerce and more. The plugin offers private online learning areas for more focused study, advanced quizzes and assignments and even social learning.

10) The eLearning Bundle

The eLearning Bundle from CreativeMinds is the ultimate resource for productive online learning. This bundle features 6 unique and helpful separate plugins for WordPress, available for $99 for 1 website and $199 for 5 websites.

The eLearning bundle is an ideal choice for teachers and educators, as it shows them how to utilize tools for online learning. The six plugins included are CM Answers, Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce Edition, CM Download Manager, Tooltip Glossary Community Add-on, CM Idea Stimulator Add-on for CM Answers, and CM Video Lessons.


As you can see from this list, there are a variety of options for top quality eLearning plugins, the trick is to find the plugin that fits your online learning vision the best. Some of these choices are more tailored to advanced eLearning users while others simply exist to help educators organize online content or help students share information easier.

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